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Recent Art Exhibitions

RECENT EXHIBITIONS 2022 Currents, FP Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA 2022 The Deeper the Blue, Imago Palm Desert, CA 2021 The Sun Is Always the Same, Assembledge, Los Angeles, CA 2020 The Edge of Order, Wonzimer Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2019 She Was Blue, Art Paia, Maui, Hawaii 2019 Illuminated Lines, Artsy 2019 Illuminated Lines, Pure…

Recent Artwork Installations

“I love both the photographic medium and the gestural process of painting. I feel each has a quality that represents the actual experience, but in different ways. One is more literal while the other is more transformative. Each represents for me the emotion of the experience of my journey on the planet and through this…
Christina Craemer portrait

Education & Background

Christina Craemer has been part of the design and fine art communities in Los Angeles for over two decades. ARC54, her architectural and interior design firm, specializing primarily in residential design, interfaces with ART54, her art consulting firm to create dynamic, holistic design experiences. So grateful for her unique success across these platforms, and her…